Medical Word Parts

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Dr. Reilly has a patient, Jessica Adams, who needs to have a cystoscopy. Jessica knows a family friend who has received a cystoscopy in the past. She believes that surgery is necessary, even though she has not been officially diagnosed. Break the term ‘cystoscopy’ into its medical word parts. What is the definition of cystoscopy? The root cyst/o means urinary bladder. The suffix scopy means examining or viewing. It is a complex suffix which contains the root word scop. Scop means a visual examination; It also contains a final suffix, y. The suffix y means process. When combined, the word cystoscopy means by definition, the process of visually examining the urinary bladder with an endoscope. What suffix is Jessica thinking of that means surgery? Jessica knows somebody that had a cystectomy and is getting this procedure confused with a cystoscopy. Ectomy is a suffix, which means surgical removal, excision, and resection. Why would it be important for a Biller and Coder to know the difference between the two suffixes? Not only is it important for a Biller and Coder to know the differences between suffixes so the clinic is able to get reimbursed properly for services and avoid legal issues, but there are also ethical standards that have been put into place by the American Medical Association. If you fail to comply with proper documenting practices you could cause inappropriate payment increases or false insurance coverage or be skewing information to not comply with state or federal statutes and guidelines. There for, standardized communications have been established for people in the medical field to all be able to collect, transmit and convey data to each other with certain
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