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TEST | DESCRIPTION | BENEFITS | RISKS | X-RAY | X rays pass through soft tissue of the body. When they hit a more dense material, such as a tumor or bone they are stopped. The x-rays that pass through the other side hit a photographic plate and react with silver molecules on the surface of the film. This forms an outline of the image taken. X-rays have both medicinal and non-medicinal uses. | In hospitals, x-rays are used to show the body structure and help to detect tumors and broken or fractured bones. They also have industrial uses such as scanning for weapons at airports and spotting imperfections to small for the human eye. Help stop diseases before it gets too late. | Very few health hazards. Very rarely will a cell become mutated from the radiation and turn into cancer. May…show more content…
Since the patient has back and neck pain, doctors can test for any bone related problems. | CAT SCAN | A CAT scan is also a viable option because it provides images of both bones and soft tissues. This will allow doctors to find any muscle related or bone related problems in a single test. | MRI | Although an MRI provides clearer images of soft tissues compared to CAT scans, it makes it harder to differentiate between inflammation, scar tissues and tumors, which means other tests will also have to be done so an MRI is not the best option. | PET SCAN | A PET scan is also not a logical option since it looks at functions of cells as oppose to their structure. Neck and back pain is most likely muscle or bone related so a PET scan would not apply to this patient. | SCIENTEST | CONTRIBUTION | UNIVERSITY | DR. BADER | Helped to determine the theoretical electron density maps for small molecules. This gives a visual representation of the molecular shapes and bonding with molecules. | McMaster University

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