Corruption In The Great Gatsby Essay

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The American Dream is an idea that your dreams of the future can be fulfilled in America. It is a notion that has existed for many decades, and still retains its original relevance in today’s society. Although different people have different perceptions of the American dream due to their own hopes and aspirations, essentially the main idea remains the same; that life will be better and their dreams fulfilled if they move to America and embrace their way of life. Even though the American Dream is ill-defined, it is commonly captured in media as an object of status and one of desire. The idea of chasing and attaining the American Dream, and the creator’s concerns regarding this, is present in both the novel The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald,…show more content…
In the Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald expresses his concerns about the American Dream through Jay Gatsby. Much of his power comes from his money, which ties him to other sources of power in society, such as Meyer Wolfshiem, a mob boss from which Gatsby gains a lot of his influence. Fitzgerald addresses his views of the corrupt society through “I understand you’re looking for a business connection”. Wolfshiem’s secluded tone during this quote to Nick alludes to the fact that his business may be illegal, but overlooked in a society with differing morals. The film 21 also shows the influence of power and corruption on the American Dream. It also shows a further insight on money’s influence on this and how it affects a person. The more power and affluence a person has, the more self-centred they become. “There’s no way I can lose this time, ” A self directed quote by Ben, further enforces the notion that arrogance stems from the gain of power. It is this arrogance that eventually leads to losses. Ironically, the film’s ideas are subverted by Fitzgerald in the Great Gatsby, with Gatsby retaining his compassion after gaining his
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