‘Gatsby’s World Is Corrupt but Ultimately Glamorous’ How Do You Respond to This View of the Novel?

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The idea of Gatsby’s world being corrupt but ultimately glamorous is a true assessment on the two worlds that Gatsby has created for himself. His corruption is seen through him being an ‘associate’ of Meyer Wolfsheim, and his dealings with illegal bootlegging. However Gatsby is seen to do a rather good job of covering up his illegal action through his glamour lifestyle, he is seen to hold large parties and flaunt his wealth. Gatsby does this to create an illusion of social standing. He can also be said to hold his extravagant parties, which people even if not invited just attend, to keep the social elite happy whilst he takes part in his dodgy activities. However it can be argued that even though Gatsby is involved in illegal activities he is still pure. His ultimate goal is to get the girl he loves, Daisy, but to do this he must appeal to her which is why he is involved in bootlegging because what appeals to her is wealth and materialistic objects. The basis behind Gatsby’s corruption is the purity of his dream. It can be argued that even though Gatsby’s dream is pure the fact you have to base your life around money and acquiring wealth and power to get expensive things shows how corrupt a simple dream can become. For Gatsby to have glamour in his life he must go through some sort of corruption, as it appears that glamour and corruption coincide with each other. Gatsby’s world can be seen as corrupt as the people who he is surrounded with appear to be fake. Gatsby lives on the dream that one day he can win back the married Daisy Buchanan and that she will return his feelings in love. However the people around Gatsby have no significance in their lives they do not strive to be anything this is shown when Daisy tells Nick that she wants her daughter to become a ‘beautiful fool’ because there is nothing better in life for a woman. They live in a very
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