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Entertainment and Celebrity Public Relations They are vastly visible through media; their private lives become a greater attraction and public interest than their professional lives, and they emerge from the sports and entertainment industries. The celebrity is a person who is well-known for their well-knowingness; they are fabricated on purpose in order to satisfy the public’s exaggerated expectations of human greatness. (Turner, 2004) Entertainment and celebrity public relations aim to promote, protect and increase their celebrity client’s profile. However, not all public relations are good public relations, with some using incidents within a celebrity’s personal life to help gain public appeal. This paper will argue and portray the negative use of entertainment and celebrity public relations in promoting bad role models to society, using celebrities who are attractive to sell products; expose celebrities who set bad examples; use the media in order to present unrealistic images of the ideal person; and using negative events within a celebrity’s life in order to gain undeserving success. A good advertisement should be appealing on its own and not need the influence or presence of a celebrity to boost its image. As advertising has become an industry worth billions of dollars across the world, many businesses believe that by using celebrities who have a good reputation would cause their product to have greater recognition as consumers would relate to the celebrity of the product, therefore leading to a better profit margin. Advertising has changed the way society consumes products. Selling products we need, to selling the benefits that we think we need but realistically do not from a product. In today’s society, famous individuals have become role models for consumers. Once consumers have seen advertisements and magazines featuring their celebrity, individuals
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