Cons Against Tipping

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Chris Dixon Comp 2 Worth Weller March 15, 2008 Case against tipping Pros Cons Better service Crabby employee to customers Faster service Bad service More respectful service Bad coffee or muffin Yes, but Tipping is a way of saying thank you for you service to the employee, and most of the time they remember that tip and give you good service every time they see you. On the other hand I agree that we shouldn’t have to tip a guy for just pouring a cup of coffee. The thing that is compelling on this issue is that most people think that if they see that cup then they have to tip so they do. I will admit that when I go to a restaurant or a starbucks I don’t tip, but I go to a sit down restaurant I will tip according to the service I got from the waitress. There is merit in tipping if you give a good tip then you get good service.…show more content…
time anymore Some kids find comfort in TV of talking to there parents and think that’s what to do to solve my problem Yes, but The biggest problem is not the fact that kids watch more TV now; the fact that parents do not regulate what there kids watch. Also it should be up to the kids to realize that that’s not real and that’s not what I need to do to solve my problem. Violence on TV will always be there, we will never get rid of it or ban it that’s our right to watch it. On the other hand the family should spend more time together verses watching television all the time. If the parents cannot control what there kids watch then don’t let them watch television when they are not there. The only merit I can think of is that if you watch something violent then it scares the hell out of you and you really don’t want to do what scared the hell out of you. Formulate a
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