Confidentiality, Privacy and Security Issues That Relate to the Management of Patient Records.

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BSBMED305B – APPLY THE PRINCIPLES OF CONFIDENTIALITY, PRIVACY AND SECURITY WITHIN THE MEDICAL ENVIRONMENT. CONFIDENTIALITY, PRIVACY AND SECURITY ISSUES THAT RELATE TO THE MANAGEMENT OF PATIENT RECORDS. Medical practitioners and health care workers have a legal and ethical duty to maintain medical records in accordance with clinical practice standards and state and federal laws, including the AMA Code of ethics. It is important to apply procedures to ensure currency and accuracy because inaccurate or poorly maintained record-keeping systems and procedures will lead to wrong decisions and mistakes which can be dangerous to patients and costly to the practice. Records should be checked regularly for accuracy, reliability and consistency. They need to be updated at the time of consultation or as soon as possible afterwards, ensuring terminology is used and spelled correctly. Checks can be made when a patient arrives at the clinic, either verbally or by asking patient’s to fill in a form. This information should clarify names, address, phone numbers, Medicare numbers, pension numbers, next of kin etc. If the information is written, check legibility to ensure data is entered correctly. It is important to build good relationships with patients because it is they who support the business and wages of all employees. It is imperative that they feel they have received a quality service as this ensures that they will return when next requiring medical attention and may recommend the practice to others. The best way to develop a good relationship with clients is to ask them what they perceive as a quality service, obtain feedback from clients about their interactions with staff, the general running of the practice and the environment of the waiting room. Take clients ideas and opinions into consideration and make improvements that will meet the client’s needs. It is

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