Reflective Practice Essay

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What is reflective practice? Regardless of your cultural backgrounds and ethnicity, as diverse these may be, when working in health and social care you have to be completely impartial even of your feelings, opinions and thoughts. As a health and social care worker, you have the necessity to offer support to everyone and anyone and cannot just offer this to people who share your beliefs and ideology. It is unlikely that you will always be working with people that you can relate to and understand completely, but your awareness of the differences and how you handle these in a professional non-judgmental manor, which makes the client/your colleague feel comfortable and get the job done to the best of its ability. Why is reflective practice important? Reflective practice is incredibly important in a health and social care career, mainly due to having to care for anyone and everyone who needs it. You may not see eye to eye with some colleagues/clients you care for but committing to reflective practice will help you realize that opinions and ideology needs to be put aside to get to professional level of care. How reflective practice contributes to improving the quality of service provision Reflective practice contributes to improving the quality of service provision as the care sector are always assessing themselves by reflecting and evaluating on their previous work to help identify each care workers strengths and weaknesses. Reflection and evaluation are a necessity mainly to determine which areas you are excelling in and which areas you may require more improvement and more of your time. This method of reflection will help you develop ideas and maybe even improve your work standard. How standards can be used to help a care worker reflect on their practice Standards help social care workers so they work on the same level of professionalism as other
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