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SPC Kimberly West SGT Monika Woodard The Importance of the Proper Documentation of Biological’s in the Sterilization Department A question that often comes up in discussions about record keeping is “What type of documentation do we need to keep for our steam sterilization process, and how should information be recorded?” It is important to know not only what to document, but also the purpose for retaining pertinent information. Record keeping or documenting the biologicals is an essential component of an effective sterile processing department’s quality assurance program. Whether the sterilization process is being done in a hospital’s SPD or Operating Room, essential information needs to be documented. Documentation, also commonly referred to as record keeping, documents materials that have been processed and the results of the sterilization process monitoring. While this might sound easy, proper documentation requires diligence by everyone involved as this data provides critical information for tracking processed instruments to the patient and assessing the reliability of the sterilization process. Sterilization documentation is used when instruments need to be recalled in the healthcare facility and determining the reason for a sterilization process failure. Documentation provides a permanent record that you’ve done everything you said you did, from cleaning to sterilization to instrument distribution. Simply put, documentation established accountability. An important aspect of quality control, this part of documentation or record keeping documents each item or instrument that is processed, assists in proper stock rotation, establishes accountability, and assists with recalls. Documentation of cycle information and monitoring results should be maintained in a log to provide tracking of sterilized or flashed item(s) or instrument(s) to the individual

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