Concealed Carry Should Be Allowed

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To Have or Not to Have Concealed Carry The right to bear arms is a fundamental right of being a free man (Huntwork). That brings up some questions. One of the biggest questions being, should concealed weapons be allowed or not? Well there are many factors to that. What exactly is concealed carry? What are some reasons that concealed carry should not be allowed? What are some reasons that concealed carry should be allowed? What are some of the requirements to be eligible for a concealed carry permit? Because although there are many benefits to having concealed carry, there are also many risks. What is concealed carry exactly? Concealed carry is the carrying of a weapon or in this case a firearm, hidden from sight on ones person on in a vehicle.…show more content…
Some of those reasons being the crime rates, the costs of what could happen, and injuries. Firearm injuries have killed more than 28,000 Americans each year since 1972 (Ruben). In 2007, thirty-one thousand two hundred twenty four Americans died due to homicides, suicides, and accidental shootings. Accidental shootings happen quite often. In 2007, around seventy thousand Americans were hospitalized due to accidental shootings. Between 2001 and 2007, around four thousand nine hundred people died because of an accidental shooting. Of those 4900 people killed, around 1750 of those were under the age of twenty-five. People die at way to young of an age because of somebody else’s or their own stupidity. Some people get trigger-happy when it comes to tense situations. Because of this, criminals are killed more often by citizens than by law enforcement (Huntwork). Firearm injuries are the second leading cause of injury (Ruben). There are more gun related fatalities in the United States than in the worlds thirty-six other richest nations. Murders by firearm rates are 17.5 times higher than in twenty-two other populous high-income nations combined. The United States is one of the most violent nations in the world. Because of this, suicide rates are very high, and costs are very high. Nearly as many citizens are killed each month, as were killed in the first seven years of the Iraq war. The suicide rate of children between the ages of five and fourteen is eleven times higher than that of twenty-five other countries. Some would say that the United States of America is much too violent. Abuse in America is very bad. An abuser is five times more likely to kill an abused woman if he/she owns a firearm. In addition, in the states with a higher rate of gun ownership, the gun death rate is seven times higher than other states

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