The Comparison Of Raimunda And Manka

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The Spanish film "Volver" is about a group of women that how to live in their misery, how to take care of each other. Raimunda is the woman protagonist this movie. The short story "Clever Manka" is a brilliant tale that is about a love story of two clever people. Manka is the woman protagonist of this story. Raimunda have an unusual degree of self-reliance and mental toughness. Husband is no important to her. She is also kind and tolerant. Manka is a clever wife who assists her husband in justice. Love and family are very important to her. She is also an obliging woman. Yet they all have a virtuous lie in different purpose. Raimunda have an unusual degree of self-reliance and mental toughness. She treated with the cadaver of her husband imperturbably after her husband was killed by her daughter. She and her neighbor who is a fat woman moved the cadaver that was put in a huge and heavy refrigerator to 180 miles far away from their town. They dig a wide and deep pit on the hard ground just with a simple hoe. Her husband was unemployed at home. He was just enslaved to drinking, watching the game of soccer and sex. She worked for her family. Manka is a clever wife. However her husband didn't allow her interfere in any of his cases at the beginning otherwise he would turn her out of his house, because Manka lived in those times when women were considered inferior to men. She solved the problems that burgomaster gave her, as well as made a game of her marriage with the burgomaster. Finally she outwitted her husband and her husband always consulted her whenever a very difficult case came up. As a woman lived in those times, she conciliated respect with her cleverness. Raimunda is very kind and tolerant. She hated her mother since she thought her mother should respond on that event that her father raped her. But she forgave and admitted her mother. She sang
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