Comparing Themes And Similarities Between 'Dear John And Safe Haven'

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Emmett Kiernan Sparks Fly English 11 honors Mr. Kersey November 13 2012 The themes in Nicholas Spark’s novels span from Asperger’s Syndrome to religion. Dear John and Safe Haven are two very different books, and the characters in each novel have opposite personalities. However, the themes in the two books are quite similar. Both novels themes are relatable to many people’s everyday life, and problems that are not uncommon to have. Many people in the world suffer from syndromes such as autism or aspergers. Savannah grew up seeing Tim live with his autistic younger brother Alan, and saw how hard he tried to make sure Alan lived a regular life. She then went into training to become a special education teacher because, “(She) just decided (she) wanted to help kids like Alan” (40). Alan changed her life, because watching him was “…just so incredible you know? I mean, he…show more content…
When Katie comes to Southport she does not want to interact with anyone after suffering through long years of marriage with Kevin. Alex was able to relate to her feeling of wanting to be alone, as he tells her that ‘“You want to prove you can make it on your own right?...’ ‘After my wife died I was the same way”’ (71). After Katie saw that Alex had gone through a rough past, similar to her she was able to talk about Kevin with him. Alex explains how after Carly passed, “For a long time….Even if I did want something I wouldn’t have known how to ask, but most of the time I didn’t even know what I wanted’”(71). Both characters had become isolated from society, and really did not know that they needed people to support them, until someone else put in the effort to connect with them. Alex lays out the thought process of most people in that scene. Everybody wants help and advice, but would never go questing for it. When someone takes control and attempts to make one’s life better, it will undoubtedly make them

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