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Christopher Lucious Williams American Literature September 12, 2012 Critical Analysis • Interpretation: “Young Goodman Brown” is a story about a man that decides to go on a journey to test his faith. What I noticed about the story is that the author, Nathaniel Harthorne, named Brown’s wife Faith. It show’s Harthorne’s use of irony to portray his message in the story. He left his home and his wife to go through a few endeavors. The story questioned me whether or not this was a dream or reality. Whichever it was will still haunt him for the rest of his life. • Analysis: After I researched the story I found that no one clearly concluded whether Goodman Brown’s journey was a dream or reality. While he was on the journey to his own defense he did try to hold a good regard for his wife, even though he did the wrong thing and left her. Before Goodman Brown left the house, Faith begged him to stay. The irony here is that when you have disbelief in something in your mind your faith is always going to tell you to stay. For example faith in a relationship, faith in your religion, or faith in your dreams or goals. When he was talking to the “old man” in the forest, the man asked him why he was late. Goodman Brown replied, “Faith kept me back awhile” with a scared tremor in his voice. This can be related to how Faith as his belief and Faith as his wife can be used in the same connotation. • Evaluation: Goodman Brown should not have ever gone against his faith or tested his faith. He should not have stepped out on his wife Faith either. After his journey was over he started to question everything around that he once believed in. He questioned, people he once trusted, puritan leaders, his wife, and he questioned himself even more. If Goodman Brown would have listened to his faith then he would not be hallucinating. • Explanation: I

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