Compare the Story of Joseph in the Koran and the Bible.

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Compare the story of Joseph in the Koran and the Bible. Introduction: Body: First, Joseph’s father had different reactions to his dream in Hebrew Bible and in Koran. In Hebrew Bible, Joseph’s father was angry and rebuked him. Otherwise, in Koran, Joseph’s father believed in Joseph and tried to protect him from his brothers who will be jealous. The different reactions may come from the different level of influence of God. God was more powerful in Koran, therefore, Joseph’s father believed in Joseph’s dream. Joseph’s father even said, “Your Lord is all-knowing and wise.” It showed that God is powerful and everywhere in Koran. Second, when the master’s wife tried to seduce Joseph, his responses were different in in Hebrew Bible and Koran. In Koran, while the woman was trying to seduce Joseph, he mentioned about God. He said “God forbid!” He used God to reject her and then used her husband. However, in Bible, Joseph used her husband as an excuse first and then God. God in Koran is more powerful in Islam’s mind and God has power over all things that what God said is undoubtedly correct and have to abide by. Furthermore, Islam should fear of God so that Joseph in Koran would mention God at first to warn master’s wife. It seems like God in Koran directly tells His people what should do and what should not. People who believe in Koran seem like don’t have much free will than people in bible cause they have to obey what God said. Conclusion: In Hebrew Bible and Koran, the concepts of their gods are that God is the most powerful in the world, but there is something different. In Koran, God has power over all things and people have to abide His words without a doubt. In addition, God guide His people by giving messages directly and people do not have much free will to make their choices. In Hebrew Bible, God is powerful, but human beings can make decisions out of
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