Mere Christianity Book 1 Analysis

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Apologetics September 2012 Mere Christianity Book 1 Chapter 1 Throughout this chapter C.S. Lewis is explaining how within each person is a moral code (a law). There are different cultural standards but in all reality each person has a code which all people can relate too. If someone backstabs all the people who have helped him out this person would be known (no matter where you live) for being untrustworthy. Lewis goes on to say that we all have this moral idea but most of us never abide by it. I feel like Lewis is true in this statement. So many times we have the best way to do things and how to treat people and in reality we mess up on a lot of the rules that we setup in our own lives. Book 1 Chapter 2 Lewis mentions that there…show more content…
Modesty is how much skin is showing in different situations and in different topics. Lewis mentions that there are people out in the world who want to make people enslaved to sexual desires just so that they can make money off of people. In all reality there really isn’t a cure to sexually desires, the only real cure is if we decide ourselves to be cured. Lewis mentions that our instincts our contrary to our Christian values. He states that it is either Christianity went wrong or our instincts went bad. He believes that our instincts have gone wrong. He goes on to say that we have been lied to and that our sexual desires is in the same state of any of our other natural desires and if we stop hiding it then things will be alright. Many people think that Christian Chastity is impossible, but when one really puts there mind to it they will be surprised at what they can overcome. Lewis then goes on to say that we cannot simply do it on our own strength but to go to God for our strength. I feel like this plays a huge part in our society. With everyone around us telling us that men always think this way we feel like there is no way around it and that it is natural. But when we start saying that we don’t always think like that I think strength will come from that and we can overcome…show more content…
The moment when you realize that you can only get strength from God is when you will find the faith that Lewis mentions in this chapter. In order to get to this bankruptcy we have to fall multiple times and keep failing, then we will find the faith that we need. When we find that spot that we need to put all our trust in Him. We need to trust what God tells us, we need to follow His directions, and we do things not to get saved but because he has already began the saving within us. We don’t do things for a reward in heaven but we do them because the sign of Heaven is already inside of us. With faith and works we need to not do it for salvation but do it because God is working inside of us. The works that we do is the outworking of the faith that is inside of us. By not doing good works that we have been called to do we are potentially pushing down the work of God that is inside of us. Lewis’ view here is so true. We need a reminder everyday of why we have this faith and sometimes that means that we are constantly asking for help just like David

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