The Importance Of John Proctor's Reputation In The Crucible

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Preserving one’s reputation is a main concern to many people in the world. One might go through drastic measures just to influence how they are looked upon by other people. People may fight for an honorable respectable name to preserve their strong reputation. In the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller preserving one’s respectable reputation is a common theme. John Proctor fights to keep his good name in the community, Reverend Parris strives to keep his good reputation in Salem, and Reverend Hale regrets his actions and works to correct them. It is obvious that thoughts , words and actions can affect one’s good name, and maintain one’s reputation is a main theme of The Crucible. John and his wife Elizabeth Proctor fight to keep John’s good name in the town of Salem. In act two of the play the Proctors are visited by Reverend Hale who is questioning John and Elizabeth to make sure they are true to the church and do not traffic with the devil. Hale is also at the Proctor household because Elizabeth’s name was mentioned in the court and Hale decided he would notify them and take precautions. Hale asks John to say his commandments to prove that he is a Christian man who loves god but when John says his commandments he forgets one. His wife Elizabeth reminds him it is the commandment of adultery. Even though John forgets this commandment and he is guilty of adultery with Abigail Williams,…show more content…
One would pay any price or do any deed to obtain a solid reputation for themselves. While trying to save a superior name, one’s actions may in fact work against how someone is viewed by other people. One might find that telling the truth might un cover a bad past that might ruin someone’s respectable name. Preserving one’s reputation may be altered someone’s
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