Compare And Contrast Tegucigalpa And Zambiapa

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ermin English April 03, 2011 Portland vs. Tegucigalpa Are all cities the same here in the United States or in Honduras? Sometime it is difficult to picture how a city looks like without having the opportunity of being there. Also, it is difficult to know how a city looks like in other country if one has never gone there. We get used to see things like buildings, trains, bridges, airplanes so much that we may think that those things are present in every city. However, cities are very different from one state to another state or from one country to another country. That is the case of Portland and Tegucigalpa, Honduras; two places that even though they have been recognized as cities, they are quite different. Portland is one of the…show more content…
Tegucigalpa is located in Honduras Central America. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains, coffee fields, archeological places, fauna, and flora. It is, in fact, considered a developing city. It does not have a lot of buildings, bridges, or advance technologies that cities in the United States have; however, Tegucigalpa has one of the most important forest in Honduras, which is called “Bosque El Impossible.” There one can find the most beautiful and unique flora in Central America in places that have never been touched or worked by man. They are called the “virgin mountains.” All of those natural sources make Tegucigalpa a beautiful place; nevertheless, it also makes it very difficult for everybody to move from one place to another. The only method of transportation is the public bus service. Therefore, the only way to see the whole city, and all the beautiful natural places that are there, is by owning a car and use it to move all over the place. Another important thing that makes Tegucigalpa a beautiful place is the people. Tegucigalpa is populated mainly by farmers. There are agriculturists who work with the dairy and beef industry; the rest of them work with grain crops and vegetables. The important thing for them is to respect other people and be respected, and they also like to work and share their culture. Thus, even though Tegucigalpa is not a developed city, it is also a beautiful place to

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