Country vs City

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Living in the Country versus the City Tyler Hines Marion Technical College Living in the Country versus the City There are quite a few differences and similarities between living in the country and living in the city. Some people prefer to live in the city, while some prefer to live in the country. I would prefer to live in the country myself because one has more freedom to do some things out in the middle of nowhere. Where a person lives and grows up can play a factor in how he or she lives his or her life, what he or she does for fun and the person he or she is. Where one grows up can affect how you live your life. Living in the country may make a person stronger because he could be a farmer or have a job on a farm. Living in the city one could still be a farmer or work on a farm, but not many people that live in the city do. People that live in the country generally have blue collar jobs where people from the city generally have white collar jobs. Houses out in the country are usually bigger than in the city because there are more wide open spaces. The big difference as far as how a person lives his life is just the different ways he was raised because of where he lives. What a person does for fun varies from the country to the city. Living out in the country one can do so much more because he does not have to worry about making neighbors or people around him mad for being loud or anything like that. Living out in the country a person can hunt, go mud running, ride quads, and have bonfire parties. In the city one cannot really do any of that because he does not have the room and have to have consideration for all people and houses around him. If people live in the city they usually have to go somewhere to have fun such as a bowling alley or other places like that. The only advantage that people have living in the city is they are closer to everything
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