Compare And Contrast Collegiate Football Vs College Football

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Stefan Clark Dr. Ryan English 101 25 October 2012 College vs. the pros Have you ever asked yourself “Are there any differences in the NFL and collegiate football”? After a little research I discovered that yes, although they are both the same sport, there happen to be some significant differences in the two. College football may at times seem more difficult than the NFL, because players in the NFL are paid and know that regardless that will make a certain amount of money. College players do it strictly for the glory and their love for the game of football. One may even ask “How can two things so similar differ in anyway”? From rules to fans and even the style of play, the two levels of football have similarities but the differences outweigh the similarities by a long shot depending upon the situation that is at hand. One will notice them if you pay…show more content…
In the NFL, you need to have both feet in bounds for the catch of interception to be legal. In college football you only need one foot in bounds for the catch to count. This is a major difference, because it requires players coming out of college into the National Football League to readjust their games to fit the rules. Another rule that changes in transition from college to the pros is the rule about your knee being down. In college football if you trip and fall then you the play is over with. In the NFL, you have to be forced down before the play is over with. So you can trip ten times in one play, as long as no one forces you down. One more key difference in the rules is how overtime is ran. In the NFL, It is sudden death rules when overtime hits. If the team that gets the ball first in overtime scores, then it is game over. In college football, both teams are given an equal opportunity to score and if both teams do after three overtime periods, the game is called a tie. In the pros, the games are only called a tie if neither team

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