Baseball vs. Football

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Football vs. Baseball Touchdown! Homerun! Which do you prefer to chant or do you like both? Baseball and football are, arguably, both the number one and number two sports in America. Most people enjoy both and have a hard time choosing which sport is their favorite. There are many differences between the two popular sports. I personally think baseball is a better sport, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Football is very different from baseball. In football, the team is run by a head coach, who has a staff of assistant coaches, that help guide the team. Numbers are given to players depending on which side and position (offense or defense) they play. In football, no starting lineup is required. Coaches choose the players who take the field and that can change by the second. Football is rigidly timed and will end when time is out, even if that means sudden death. A game can end in a tie if overtime is taken and no score results. Football season is during Fall. It begins in August and ends in February with the Super Bowl. In football, the objective is for the quarterback to throw the ball and hit his receivers hands, even if he has to use a shotgun. He also has to riddle the defense of the other team. The quarterback marches his players into enemy territory while punching holes in the wall of the defense. Baseball, to me, is a more unique sport. I will give you some examples of how baseball is unique. In baseball, a team is not run by a coach, it is run by a manager. The managers wear a uniform and get to pick their own number. Players also choose their own numbers. Managers must submit a lineup of batters and field players before each game. Baseball is the only sport where a player can make legal plays outside the field of play. In most sports you score points or goals; in baseball, you score runs. Baseball has no

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