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Moses Gueyger Husr 111 COMMUNITY RESOURCE PAPER For my Community Resource Paper I targeted the homeless population of Uptown Whittier in the County of Los Angeles. The City of Whittier has a population of 85, 331. according to a representative of Whittier First Day, the homeless population in Uptown Whittier can vary from 50 to 100 at a time. Some homeless find shelter in alleys in Uptown,while others go through the various programs in the area, like Whittier First Day, St Matthis Church, and some of the Christian based recovery homes in the area for help. Many of the homeless population of Uptown Whittier suffer from Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and or Mental Disorders. Others have fall victim to the current economy, and just have no where to turn. One program…show more content…
In the morning the participants are fed and escorted out. This program also hands out blankets and clothing, this is a great help to those who are sleeping outdoors during the cold season. I also researched the General Relief program, which is offered by the Los Angeles County Department of Social Services. The closest office near uptown whittier is located in the city of El Monte. The General Relief program is designed for the homeless in need of emergency assistance. They offer financial aid; Calfresh(food stamps) and Two week vouchers for local motels are also offered for the homeless to help get clients off the streets. There is a program called GROW or CALWORKS, depending if children are involved, where individuals are assigned a caseworker to help the client get educated in finding employment. The education consists of job search classes,and classes on creating resumes. The client is also given funds for transportation to get to classes and interviews, even clothing vouchers to be prepared for job interviews. This program will even provide vouchers in some cases for tools needed for
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