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As chief of a medium size city in the United States, you are aware that the citizens in your community have a lower than expected opinion of the effectiveness of the police department. Community Policing has just been implemented and is in the infancy stages. Create a plan: · That would demonstrate the benefits of Community Policing. · Illustrate how the community can be instrumental in making community policing effective. · That would encourage reluctant police officers to participate in Community Policing. INTRODUCTION As a young girl, I grew up in a city in which Community Policing was a very important aspect. In order to develop healthy relationships with citizens of any community, especially small to medium size cities, it is extremely important that the citizens and the police officers work together to build a stronger community. I can remember when I was in elementary school, the police officers used to come out to host an assembly and speak to the youth. They gave out stickers, badges and coloring books. They allowed the children to explore the police vehicles, answered questions, as well as introducing the police mascot, McGruff. Another thing that the police officers did that helped the parents to be more appreciative of them was to bring fingerprinting kits to aid in the prevention of kidnapping. Some of the different programs that were introduced were “Stranger Danger”, “Say No to Drugs”, and “Emergency Response”. It was a great experience for the youth as well as the parents as it showed the compassionate side of the policing community and therefore built a stronger bond with the community. Going forward, I will discuss what the meaning of Community Policing actually is as well as the benefits of it. I will illustrate how Community Policing can be instrumental in making the bond between the community and the

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