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The history of policing is for law enforcement. Police officers were in place as protectors of the citizens. Police officers are to enforce the laws of the government on the state and federal level. There were many crimes happening without any authority figures to enforce the laws. Robert Peel who is known as the “father” of modern policing fought to improve law enforcement in England in the 1900. Peel created three main strategy types of policing: I. Mission – Peels view was to create crime prevention. Peel thought that it was better to prevent a crime than to respond to a crime after it was committed. II. Strategy – Creating patrolling officers known as “Bobbies” to walk the streets. By having uniformed officers within the community; Peel believed that this would decrease crime level. III. Organization Structure of the Police - Peel borrowed the military style of structuring the police. Peel’s operation consisted of police officer in uniform, rank, and an authority system of crime prevention. Today the system is a little different as they were first in place. There are many more crimes being committed now than the 1900’s. Although police officers are authority figures for which who should be trusted, police officers are not trusted today. There are many police officers who abuse their authority and should be held accountable for their actions. There are many crimes being committed for which excessive force is being used today. The crimes being committed today which may need to use excessive force is need to apprehend criminals who are under the influence of many different drugs such as alcohol, and control dangerous substance. This is place because the tradition of an eye for an eye and tooth for tooth. If a criminal commits a crime such as murder he or she is sentenced to death by the gun squad, the electric chair, or lethal injection. Murder is punishable

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