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Reasons Why it is Important for Public Libraries to Offer Services for Teens There are many important reasons for public libraries to offer services for teens. Teens need more options available to them. They need people who will care about their future and educate them, while supporting their needs and wants. Teens also need a safe place to go that will offer assistance with their education, personal interests, and provide activities that give them options during their free time. Education is one of the most important factors. There are a lot of teens who need assistance with their education. Providing educational services at public libraries opens doors for teens that need help, and may not feel comfortable asking their teachers, peers, or parents. It also provides for teenagers that are homeschooled. Not only is it important that public libraries have their doors open for educational purposes, but also for personal interests. Teenagers like games and activities that offer opportunities for them to express themselves in their own way. Having this option available for teens is very important. It helps keep teens connected to the library, and gives them peace of mind, so they feel comfortable going to the library for help. Activities for teens can be difficult to find, which makes it even more important for public libraries to provide them. Teenagers need a lot of support from their community and public libraries are a great source of support. Offering many services for teens may help them stay out of trouble. It is also important that public libraries provide a safe place for teens to feel comfortable coming to for help with any problem they may have. Services for teens are one of the most important things that all public libraries should

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