Civic Engagement Essay

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The participation of the American public has been a defining feature of our countries politics and the backbone of its political system. The American way of life will only be preserved if government and the general public continue to work together for the common good, not their own individual benefit. It is easy to become isolated from one another, and in doing so, the conditions for freedom can be lost. “Our national myths often exaggerate the role of the individual heroes and understate the importance of collective effort.” (Robert D Putnam, 1995) Civic engagement, as a whole, is on the decline according to Putnam. Informal activities in particular have seen a downturn. However, they are ones that we as Americans, engage in most often. This downward slide applies to cities because of certain urban characteristics. The city, due to the division of labor, increases the tendency to discontinue involvement in community affairs because of other obligations. Also, neighborhoods in the city do not promote community or a distinct feeling of a belonging simply due to the mass population. This leads many to feel as though they are living amongst strangers. “It means promoting the quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes.” (Thomas Ehrlich, 200). Involvement in a civic community is defined by taking an active role in public affairs. Getting involved in public issues and a preparedness to be involved in debates and everyday activities are important aspects of civic engagement. There are a great many reasons for the different departments of government to collaborate, both within and outside of their organizations. With the current workforce being replaced by the millennial generation, which has been raised on social networking and technology, there is a strong demand to deliver information to the general public, and to provide
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