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* Directions: Answer four of the following in your blue book. Each answer should be at least two paragraphs, and each paragraph should be at least five sentences. Be sure to fully explain all of your answers, including short explanations of each theory you use. 1) Both Cognitive Dissonance Theory and Relational Dialectics Theory deal with contradiction, but in different ways. Compare and contrast the notions of contradiction in these two theories. 2) How does Mead's concept of the self in Symbolic Interaction Theory relate to an understanding of self in Relational Dialectics Theory? 3) Expectancy Violations Theory is primarily concerned with our expectations for other people's behavior, whereas Cognitive Dissonance Theory is concerned with our desire for consistency in attitudes and behavior. Show the relationship between the two theories using expectations, attitudes, and behavior as your overarching principles. 4) Discuss how the principles of Social Penetration Theory (SPT) and Uncertainty Reduction Theory (URT) overlap. How can initial interactions (as discussed in URT) be compared to developing relationships (as discussed in SPT)? Further, delineate how self-disclosure functions in both theories. 5) Discuss the interpretation and the role of silence in Communication Privacy Management Theory and in Relational Dialectics Theory. 6) Decision-making is an essential component in both Structuration Theory and Groupthink. Differentiate between the two theories as to how they use the decision-making process, how the theorists interpret the term, and what parameters should be used when discussing the decision-making process. 7) According to Organizational Culture Theory, stories are considered an important element in the culture of an organization. The Coordinated Management of Meaning centers on how meaning is achieved. Compare the two theories in

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