Coke vs Pepsi Swot

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SWOT is an acronym for Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities; and Threats. The Strength and Weaknesses are within the organization; whereas the Opportunities and Threats are beyond the organization in the external environment. Coca cola SWOT Strengths: Coca Cola is the world’s largest beverage company, and it is an extremely recognizable company. Thus, popularity is one of its strengths. To build up its image constantly, Coca cola would like to keep up with social media and technology to engage customers. Another Coke’s strength is to employ local bottling companies around the world. It gives opportunity to get jobs for other people, and provides the company a positive image. In addition, Coca cola has very effective advertising campaign. Through sponsoring Olympics games, Coca cola publically increases awareness about their product. Moreover, Coca cola’s new advertising campaigns restrict children under 12. Lastly, Coca Cola publically announced its commitment to help fight obesity. The company promised to provide low calorie or no calorie drinks, feature calorie information on the front of the labels, and support physical activity programs worldwide Weaknesses: Different studies has been conducted and found Coca Cola’s products harmful if customers consume excessively. Coca cola announces that they are fighting against the obesity rate. However, changes in the formula to lower calories in their sugary drinks would cause cancer to consumers. In addition, new marketing campaigns are criticized of giving the public mixed message of false intents. Opportunities: Changing consumer lifestyle, by becoming health conscious and preferring substitute products. Coca cola is now offering health conscious products. In addition, Coca cola is focusing on its advertising and differentiation to increase its profits. Threats: PepsiCo is the major rival of Coca cola in

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