Clinical Decision Making Essay

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Clinical Decision Making Assignment Submission Date: 03rd October 2011 Words - 1647 Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to highlight the importance of clinical decision making within paramedic practice and briefly outline the process by which clinical decisions are made. The essay will conclude with a call reflection which demonstrates a time where a clinical decision has been made and the clinical outcome from that decision. Clinical Decision Making (Croskerry, Wears, & Binder, 2000) has the following to say regarding clinical decision making: Clinicians do not take to reclining in armchairs to cogitate and consider their options at length, instead they respond to omnipresent time pressures and resource availability with expeditious decision and action. To make a Flesh and Blood decision is to think on one’s feet and go with clinical intuition (p. 4). From my practice to date, I would agree that this statement very much applies to Paramedics as clinical decision making is an integral part of their role today. Paramedics are responsible for the care of patients requiring emergency assistance in the out of hospital setting and they need to make many decisions during the course of an emergency call. The care that patients receive in the ’out of hospital’ setting is likely to have important repercussions on the clinical outcome and patient safety. Patient assessment and treatment can vary substantially from simple patient transfers to calls that require expedient decision making and action by paramedics. There are many factors that can influence outcome. These include the acuity of the patients’ injury or illness, the location of the patient, the wants and needs of the patient and their family, the resources available to the paramedic and the number, complexity and time dependence of interventions required, both on scene and en route to
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