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HSC 2013 Support care plan activities. Julie Cooke Identify sources of information about individuals and specific care plan activities. Describe own role and roles of others in reviewing care plan activities. (HSC 2013 1.1,4.1) The individual, family members, care managers, doctors could all contribute to what support is needed for specific care-plan activities. Care-plans are very specific to the individual and you need as much information about them to be able to assess the needs of the person involved. Find out what they are they able to do for themselves and what can we do to support them and aide independence. What sort of support do they have from family and friends, what hobbies do they have and what are their likes and dislikes. They may need your support because of ill health so you need to know all about their medical history and what medication they are on. How their sight, hearing and speech is, are they able to communicate? If they have a disability then they may require moving and handling so any equipment will have to be risk assessed as will the environment that the carer will be working in. Do they have a history of falls, do they have any allergies or specific dietary needs. Talk to family and carers as they will notice changes first. They will notice changes in health, mobility, failure to take medication etc. Regular reviews with the individual and or family to assess whether their needs are being met. Inform the care-manager of any changes and update care-plan and risk assessment if needed and provide copies to others concerned. Regular supervisions and spot checks on the carers to ensure they are following policies and procedure and meeting the needs of the individual. As a carer I would observe, listen and report any concerns I have to my manager or supervisor. How do you contribute to review and agreement of specific care plan

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