Explain The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Respiratory Therapist Essay

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Audrey Roque Respiratory 050 Prof. Franklin 9/1/11 Respiratory Requirements and Responsibilities A respiratory therapist is a specialist which works with patients who experience cardiopulmonary disorders. These disorders may include asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, cystic fibrosis, or shock. Respiratory therapists treat all types of patients ranging from premature infants whose lungs haven't fully developed yet to the elderly whose lungs are diseased. They try and provide temporary relief to those in need of an emergency. Therapists evaluate there patients as well. As a respiratory therapists to be of assistance there are many tasks and responsibilities that have to be fulfilled before you are certified,…show more content…
To qualify to be a practitioner in the state of California you must have an associates degree in Resp technology. You must also have a RCP license. As well as you must have current certification in the basic life support. Therefore, you must be able to perform the basic requirements of a respiratory therapist and have all requirements to become a practitioner. Personal qualities should be required as well to become a respiratory therapist as well. One good personal quality would be to have good social skills, making of friendly environment. Another personal quality would be to work calmly in a medical emergency. A respiratory therapist must take every situation seriously as if they were all an emergency. They should be aware that patients could with hold important information, so they must follow good procedure. As a RRT you have to be able to follow instruction properly, which includes being able to take instruction from higher authority. All of these are basic personal qualities that should be performed as a respiratory therapist. As a respiratory therapists you must evaluate and asses patients upon there cardiopulmonary disorders. It is there job to help relieve temporary pain with medications

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