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Communication and Opinion HCS/320 Communication and Opinion Today, my paper will be focusing on communication in the health care field or industry. Health care communication is needed no matter what your health care title is; whether it is surgeon, CEO of a hospital or health facility, physician, emergency room technician, medical assistant, or medical administrative assistant. Positive communication is needed to establish a well rounded relationship with coworkers, patients, families, and caregivers. Areas that will also be discussed will include how communication incorporate the basic elements of communication, basic elements of effective communication differ from the basic rules of health care communication, a provider encourage a…show more content…
Communication incorporates the basic elements of communication; meaning there are so many cultural differences, personalities, languages, beliefs, values, morals, and behavior. This is why establishing positive communication along with understanding cultural differences will allow professionals to understand the patient while focusing on his or her need of care. Communication in the health care industry starts the minute a physician meets with the patient on the very first visit or with the receptionist the minute a patient walks in the health facility. When communication is established it should be maintained at all times and on all levels whether it is verbal or non-verbal. Effective Communication takes place through direct communication, voice messages, e-mailing, filling prescriptions, phone calls, memos, letters, and making appointments. Effective communication individually takes places by simply comprehending others opinions and plainly expressing one’s own are important characteristics of communication. Kreps and Barbara Thornton (1992) define health communication as “the way one seek, process, and share health information,” (Du Pre,'…show more content…
The health care environment changes constantly so it is important to know information on various cultural because healthcare professionals are working with many cultures on a professional and patient level. In healthcare, cultural perspectives of each employee is sometimes different than the cultural perspective of consumers. When professionals and patients are can demonstrate the ability to know when one another cultural perspective is needed it helps with communication feedback and understanding the patient’s needs

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