Classroom vs. Online Course

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Running Head: Learning 1 Classroom vs. Online Course Student English 101 Professor Once upon a time Learning 2 Classroom vs. Online Course Here is a topic that I had in mind since I started to consider returning to school. Classroom vs. Online Course will talk about the differences in my own view between the two. I will compare based on the types of education gained, the environments, teachers and fellow students, and the type of impact that this two experiences may bring. Returning to school was one of the most difficult decisions I have made yet. There were a lot factors to consider. The most important question to answer for myself was, should I attend school in a classroom environment or take an online course to get my degree? The decision was not easy because there were lots of ups and downs. Let us look at a few of the things to consider. In a classroom we have the typical routine of an hour of class in most cases. We have a professor and a room full of students. During class while the instructor is lecturing, one has the opportunity to raise the hand if you are in doubt or there is a question from the topic for a chance to an explanation so that you can better understand. You have peers that can get together and help one another in study sessions. You get a chance to really prepare to take a quiz or a test. This type of learning education is most familiar since your whole school life was structured this way. In an online course that type of learning education or environment is not existent. Typically, it’s only you and the
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