Fht4 Task 4

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Form: "Guided Reflection Protocol 601.2.6-09 (FHT)" Created with: Taskstream Author: Evelyn Evans (REQUIRED) Did you view the elementary or the secondary video? • Secondary (REQUIRED) 1. Observation and Description a. Explain a learning theory observed in the video. b. Describe the observed teaching situation in terms of group characteristics, seating arrangement, and any additional criteria necessary to present the setting of the learning environment. c. Describe the observed teacher-to-student interactions. d. Describe the observed student-to-student interactions. The constructivist learning theory used in the video promotes the collaborative learning, critical thinking and communication skills. The teaching team has a well thought out lesson plan and each educator was comfortable in their role in the classroom. One teacher gave instruction to the students while the other teacher passed out necessary materials. Then they switched roles and the other teacher second teacher addressed the class and gave directions on how to complete the assignment and checked for understanding. The teachers in the video were using collaborative teaching. This seemed to work well as the students were engaged. The classroom design was flexible. They were seated in rows for the introduction, lecture and individual work and moved to cluster seating in groups of four for group activities. The teachers walked around the classroom stopping in on each group to offer assistance. They listened to the student’s questions and comments, while asking guiding questions and giving necessary feedback to assist the students in completing the assignment. The students were listening to the teachers’ instructions as well as asking questions and commenting on the possible solutions presented by the group and the teachers. They worked with the teachers and the group to come up with

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