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Principles of Marketing Reflective Overview “Principles of Marketing” was a part of my programme this year. I haven’t studied marketing before, but I had an idea of its general concept. It is well known how everything around us and in our lives is affected by marketing. It was useful and interesting to get closer and understand this discipline better. My expectations were met: the information given us during lectures and practice on seminars in teamwork was very fruitful and informative. I became aspired by this subject, and I wanted to know more about it. The process of learning was performed in such way, that students were willing to interact and learn with fun. From the beginning it was anxious, it was not clear what was expected from me, the assessments seemed to be impossible to do. But with every lesson the level of confidence with subject was rising. My first assignment was a test, which supposed to be taken online. It was a high motivator to study and read the textbook. The test covered all the topics, which were taken in semester one, and it was challenging. Unfortunately I have got low grade in it, and I strived to remedy on my next exams. In one of the assignments we were supposed to work in groups. That was our first experience of teamwork. The theoretical knowledge that I gained previously has been applied in this task. We created our fictional product for E-Portfolio. It was a perfume “PHY”. In this assignment we worked on 4P’s of marketing mix: we introduced the product. Perfume industry was chosen due to its high profitability worldwide and in the Middle East particularly. Then we looked for the correct promotional method and the place. And finally we worked on pricing and distribution channels. That was the part I preferred the most. We analyzed the marketing mix from the concept of what do our customers want. Everything learnt so far in

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