Civil War Technological Advances

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Since its declaration of independence from Great Britain, the United States has experienced wars of many different sorts. Each war introduced a new kind of warfare. The Revolutionary War introduced for the first time in American history, the idea of naval warfare. Ships were armed with dozens guns and carried several dozens of men. The musket, armed with its bayonet as well as the cannon proved to be worthy weaponry advancements in the infantry together with various pistols. The Civil War introduced the revolving pistol as well as the Gatling gun which enabled soldiers to produce rapid fire and destroy enemies in large quantities with a single round. New technological advancements in transportation such as the railroad, enabled large quantities…show more content…
By the time the United States entered World War II in the early 1940's, the military had undergone several technological advancements in many different areas of the army. The grenade was introduced, which aided the troops of the frontline in close combat as it created a small explosion able to kill small numbers of enemies in one throw. Machine guns such as the Thomson M1 or the “Tommy gun” fired up to 700 rounds per minute. Rifles such as the M1 Garand were one of the first gas operated semi-automatic infantry weapons used on the frontlines. Heavy machine guns were introduced that aided in powerful superiority for frontline combat such as the M1919 which fired over 500 rounds per minute and required a 250-round belt magazine and a team of two soldiers to operate. Anti-tank weapons such as the Bazooka were introduced as well. This rocket launching power weapon required both a loader and a shooter to operate it. Tanks became more powerful and destructive while armored cars and Jeeps became dominant vehicles in the aid of transportation and armor. The US Air Force experienced major advancements in both Fighter planes as well as Bombers. The P51 Mustang was able to travel over 400 mph at the range of over 25,000 feet in the air. The US Navy experienced a major technological advancement as the Aircraft carrier was introduced carrying up to dozens of aircrafts all throughout the ocean. The invention of radar and sonar aided the…show more content…
The M16 machine gun was introduced as well and proved to be useful in its firepower of almost 1,000 rounds per minute, durability through harsh weather conditions and a light weight frame. The introduction of mines aided in sealing perimeters from enemies for night encampments while walkie-talkies enabled troops to maintain conversation-like contact while standing many yards away from one another. However, the invention of nuclear missiles changed the worlds approach to war forever. At this day in age, the advancements made in military technology are far beyond the minds of any regular person. The US military now has in its possession, nuclear missiles able to explode countries to bits and pieces. There are thousands of different bombs, explosives and missiles used such as Bunker Busters, Cruise Missiles, Smart Bombs, E-Bombs (Which destroy electricity that any given war machine depends on), Dirty Bombs, Massive Ordinance Air Bust Bombs, Sidewinder Missiles, Stinger Missiles, Patriot Missiles and C-4. The ground force is at its peak with thousands of tanks, fighting vehicles and Stryker's all equipped with rockets, machine guns, armor, navigation and periscopes with superb sight. Machine guns are made stock with a scope, and many times a grenade launcher just under the barrel. Aircraft advancements such as the

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