Why Is Napalm Important

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Noah Martin Martin 1 English, Period 1 Mrs. Bueno 6, January, 2012 The Deadly Weapon Napalm Have you ever wondered what we used in our previous wars? What weapons we used that was so effective and so fierce in battle. I am talking about the chemical weapon called “Napalm”. A fiery sticky substance that burned everything it touched. The U.S used napalm in a lot of battles, but was the most common chemical weapon used and known for in the war against Vietnam It also showed how powerful this weapon was. Napalm was significant to the history of warfare because it was a cheap easy creation that was very useful and so powerful it feared the enemies by its wall of flame and the damage it could do. Napalm was created…show more content…
Fieser started to get bad feedback from U.S civilians so he told people on the news that he was not responsible for the use of Napalm in warfare or by the government, “article Protesting Napalm”. After the Vietnam War the government saw how destructive napalm is so they banned it for civilian usage and used against civilian populations in 1980 by the United Nations Conventions on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW). Napalm is a sticky substance mixed with gasoline that would stick on everything and covered anything it touched with a ball of fire. They used napalm in flamethrowers to clear a cave or a dug out that enemies might be sheltering themselves in. Before they only used gasoline that would drop off people after a few seconds. Napalm would stick to them for about a half a minute to a minute that’s why it was so effective. The people who survived the bombings of napalm said that it’s the worst way to be burned and it scars u physically and mentally. This explains the creation and the effectiveness of a feared chemical weapon we used that impacted the history of the Vietnam

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