America's Future Weapon: Future Weapons

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Future Weapons New weapons are always being developed. The reason is simple; every country wants to have the best. In America, we have the best. Our way of protecting this is through our military. One reason our armed forces is the greatest, is the technology we have in our weapons. The FGM-148 Javelin is an anti-tank guided missile, more commonly called the “Javelin.” The Javelin is a fire-and-forget type of missile that locks onto its target before it gets fired with its automatic self-guidance. The missile attacks armored vehicles, mostly tanks from the top, where the armor is usually thinner. Unless it is commanded to take a “direct-attack,” which would get used when fired against buildings. The Javelin has a peak altitude…show more content…
The fuel undergoes an “aerobic reaction” which mixes it with surrounding gases, instead of using atmospheric oxygen like most fuel-air-explosives; because of this, the vacuum gun is very effective in small areas, like buildings. The CBU Sensor “Fuzed” Weapon is a bomb used by the United States Air Force. It is a 1,000 pound freefall type bomb. It is dropped in clusters. That is where is gets the name CBU, Cluster Bomb Unit. The CBU has a SUU-66/B tactical mention dispenser that contains four sensor fused projectiles called “skeets.” The skeets detect targets nearby, like tanks or support vehicles; it then fires explosives at them. So it’s not just a freefalling bomb, the bomb itself is freefalling, but it shoots explosives at targets as well as explode. The 40 skeets on the bomb scan an area 1,500 feet × 500 feet. They work by using infrared and laser sensors. The skeets will both find a target and shoot projectiles towards it or it will blow up when it is 50 feet above the…show more content…
At the same time infrared sensors will be detecting heat, like the heat from a vehicles engine. With this combination, the skeets will detonate and shoot “explosively-formed-penetrators,” (EFP’s) towards the target at very high speeds. Once these reach the target, they will destroy it, not by blowing up, but through the kinetic energy of the EFP, because it moves so fast. The XM307 Advanced Crew Served Weapon, (ACSW) is a gun in development. It has a 25mm belt-fed grenade machine gun. It is lightweight and designed to be used in two man teams, or mounted on a vehicle. XM307 can shoot 2,200 yards and still destroy its

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