Invention of Gunpowder

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Zade Courdy Period 3 12/2/10 The Invention of Gunpowder The invention of gunpowder was very great discovery. Gunpowder was discovered in Ancient China in the 9th Century, by an alchemist named Wei Boyang, Boyang came across gunpowder when he was trying to make an elixir that would grant immortality (Bose.b-1). Gunpowder is now used in modern day life; it is used for ballistics, entertainment, and even medicine. Gunpowder made many changes through history; first, it made warfare a completely different aspect. Secondly, gunpowder is a big component of New Years and the fourth of July celebrations. Fireworks are used to entertain groups of people, resulting in a mind blowing event. Lastly, gunpowder is also used as a war remedy, to cauterize wounds and such. Gunpowder is used for several different essentials and they were all great uses for it. Initially, gunpowder made several changes through history, starting with making the state of warfare completely different. Militaries started using gunpowder as a key component for their weapons. Starting with using it as a propellant for unguided rockets and to shoot the cannon. The Chinese were the first to come across gunpowder therefore they had hands on gunpowder which enhanced their weapons greatly compared to others (Gunpowder.c-1). The Chinese’s discovery of gunpowder gave the Chinese a great advantage, going into any type of war, and after awhile they were ahead of everyone else in warfare. “During the 14th Century, Chinese gunpowder solutions had reached their maximum explosive potential” (Gunpowder.h-1). Since the Chinese were the first to come across gunpowder, it had given them more time to tamper with the formula and solution to have better performances coming from their explosives or guns. The Chinese began researching how they could make the smoke released from the explosion, to begin to

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