The Circle Of Love

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Mandy moore English 101 Ying yung Circle of Love Throughout history there have been several themes which always seem to prevail through literary work. One of these themes is that of love. Love is universal but yet unique in the reality that it can be portrayed on many different levels and to different degrees in a single literary work. This is what William Faulkner did in his short story "A Rose for Emily." The story tells of a woman whose father kept her from love and how, as a result, after his death she struggled for love with both her community and with her lover. Throughout the story, Faulkner demonstrates three different love relationships which are all rather unique. However, they are all related and as a result form an endless ring of love. The circle of love depicted in this short story is composed of three different love relationships which all vary significantly in motivation, type and degree. Nevertheless, they all build upon and result in each other. They are all entwined in such a way that they complete the circle. If any one of the three love relationships were to be removed, the other two would not make sense. This circle of love will be shown through a discussion of love as a universal theme and its place in the story, an analysis of the text, and paralleling the love to the love in other literary works. In order to fully understand the love ring portrayed in this story it is first essential to understand what love is. On the other hand this is a difficult task to achieve due to love being so indefinable. Love has been defined not only as "to hold dear," but also as "a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal dies" (Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 737). Love does not necessarily mean a happy, romantic love. It simply is a strong affection. The reasons for and degrees of love can be as
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