Theme Of Love In Cosi

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Cosi The particular aspect of love that is the focus of the play is fidelity; the notion of faithfulness, commitment and loyalty. The play explores many aspects of love, the characters present slightly different perspectives, some final about their positions from the start and others change or develop differing perspectives. This concept is explored through the individual characters Lucy and Lewis. Using the technique of characterisation, Nowra is able to present the idea of ‘free love’ negatively to the audience through the character Lucy. Who strongly endorses the idea that love is an indulgence, “After bread, shelter, equality, health, procreation, money comes maybe love” . Cumulative listing provides an extension and emphasis on Lucy’s point, though she is in the embodiment to free thinking and love, her true opinion or practice differs. “ I have sex with him and sleep with you”. The implication is that social welfare and basic human rights are main values she supports rather than individual emotional fulfilment.…show more content…
Lewis’s character however shifts his opinion through his experience with the patients and how they relate to the themes of the opera, Lewis gradually conceives of love something that underlies all else. “ Without love the world wouldn’t mean much”. His tone is thoughtful and wise , suggesting a grand gesture but in fact a simple truth. Through lewis journey he has come to the realisation of the importance of love and fidelity, the things he used to consider to be ‘traditional values’. “Its about important things, love and
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