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Sylvia Plath What are the overarching themes of Sylvia Plath’s poetry? How does she channel her frustrations into her work? Throughout Slyvia Plath’s life she had to face several different complications which lead to how she lived. Due to the there are several overarching themes that is presented throughout her poems some of these themes include suicide, revenge and her struggle to survive under the influence of male figures. Through Slyvia Plath’s poetry we were able to see these themes demonstrated, two poems in which exhibit these themes are ‘Daddy’ and ‘Lady Lazarus’. These themes all seem to play a large part in Sylvia’s poem ‘Daddy’ as this poem is about a vital turning point in her life. The poem talks about her feelings for her father and then it eventually turns to her feelings for her husband. This shows how she was in a fragile state of mind with herself saying that she is a Jew and her father a Nazi along with being a Devil and Vampire. This particular poem was very confusing as she often changes how she feels about the issue at hand; she goes from worshipping her father like a god of some kind to hating him and wishing revenge on him and then to saying how he is ideal model figure. She finds this figure in her husband and also labels him a vampire. It was this imagery that shows how Plath was always under the restrictive constrictions of the male figures in her life. The first stanza of the poem shows this confinement through the image of how she was trapped in her father’s shoe in which she lived like a foot and because of this she was unable to complete normal tasks that normal people take for granted such as sneeze of breathe. It was this restriction that was always evident when there was a male figure within her life. Therefore the theme of the dominance of male figures and the struggle due to this was a large theme within Plath’s poetry, it

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