The Analyse of « Conjoined » and « to My Dear and Loving Husband »

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I fell in love with a boy and we stayed together for two years. The first year it was love and the true one. Then, I realized that I was not the same happy girl from the beginning, this relationship has changed me. Love is the most popular theme used in the poem. It can be translated in different ways through the time. “Conjoined” (1891) by Judith Minty is a blank verse poem which uses a lot of metaphors that describe a broken relationship ; the poem gives you a feeling of a general unhappiness. In contrast, « My Dear and Loving Husband » (1678) by Anne Bradstreet, is a true declaration of love. The poet talks about her husband, celebrating their unity and stating that there is no other woman in the world who is as happy with her husband as she is. The two poems give two competing visions of marriage. The main characters are the authors and they describe their feelings about the union. Then, we see through comparisons, despites both deal with love the two poems are opposite. The main characters are the authors. They both express their views through the use of the first person what are their feelings about how the writer feels about the other. In the first stanza, Judith Minty in « conjoined » speaks about an onion. More specifically, it is two onions molded together under a single thin layer of onion skin. The onion is made of two, “each half-round, then flat and deformed/ where it pressed and grew against each other” (Minty 3-4). The onion is seen as a form of personification of the couple and how their relationship is growing. Once married, the two onions grew into and away from each other simultaneously. separated, they would have grown normally, but connected, they developed into round onions except where they merge into one. At their intersection, they are misshapen and flat. For Minty Judith, marriage between two people is like this. Each person continues

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