Sylvia Plath as a Poet of 'Failed Relationships'

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One of the reasons for this critical designation as a poet of failed relationships is poems about failed relationships, like "Daddy." This symbolic poem epitomizes the failed relationships in Plath's life and certainly contributes to her representation as a poet of failed relationships. This is perhaps the most honest reason why she is considered a poet of failed relationships, it happens to be the truth. However, people would not have been so aware of her relationships had they not known about her suicide, and then further prodded into her life. Here are a couple other reasons to consider. The content of many of Plath's poems plays on rich and specific raw emotions. She did this through crafting specific images and symbols with carefully chosen words and figures of speech. Generally choosing everyday experiences and items to write about, she did indeed write about some of the pain in her life including the "The Jailer" about her husband Ted Hughes who had cheated on her, and "Daddy" about her father who abused her. These topic choices come from truthful circumstances, but readers generally really sympathize with Plath because of her suicide and what led her to it. So, we readers in turn often see even more than what she intended for us to see. Plath could not take herself out of her writing. She could not write outside of her own perspectives or circumstances. She knew this about herself and was highly criticized for it. This means that she failed to be objective in several instances.A few good poems to use to capture her struggle with relationships might be these: "Mirror","By Candlelight" ,"Mary's Song". "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath is by right considered a magnificent poem about daughter's relationship with a father. Also it can also be read as an allegory of female yielding and final revolt in a men's world who have been responsible for all the disasters and wars
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