Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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Commentary on Chronicle of a Death Foretold Angela Vicario pages 30-32 The narrator tells the story in first person, yet he also relates to everything everyone is thinking which is typical of the third person. Even though Angela Vicario is the prettiest of four children in the Vicario household, “a family of scant resources,” she somewhat resembles a nun, meek and helpless. Referring to Angela as a “nun” is contradictory as she is not a virgin. The author describes Angela as having “been born like the great queens of history, with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. But, she had a helpless air and a poverty of spirit that augured an uncertain future for her.” This is a simile and shows that she has a strong character. Angela had been “reared to get married,” I believe the purpose of this quote is to clarify what is expected of the women in the community, whilst portraying their culture and upbringing in a society where honour of the family is paramount. The effect of this is the reader acquires a feeling of esteem towards the female characters because they are reared to get married and reared to live with the sacrifices of marriage and domestic life. Irony is mentioned when one learns to, “write engagement announcements.” It is ironic that Angela is an expert at declaring others’ engagements, yet she finds it difficult to obtain a husband of her own. The narrator repeats, throughout this passage, “her” and “she.” This emphasizes that the focus is on Angela Vicario and her character in the story. The narrator uses a mixture of short and long sentences, to emphasize their importance. The shorter sentences like; “The girls had been reared to get married,” stand out, focusing the reader’s attention on the importance of marriage, for women. In this culture, the question of honor is deeply tied to the position of women who are divided into
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