What a Wife It Would Be

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What a wife it would be When a reader first looks at Brady’s essay one might think it was written by a man. However after reading the first paragraph the reader will realize that the author is indeed a woman and may be confused as to why the title is “Why I Want A Wife”. Brady gives a reasonable argument as to the unequal views on the roles of the husband and wife. By listing the many examples of a wife’s responsibilities, she hopes to sway a woman or man’s feelings and encourages them to perhaps modify the usual tradition of marriage and companionship. The audience she has chosen would most likely be women or married couples. She takes great advantage of this direction because she knows that many couples are in the same situation. As Brady tries to persuade the reader to side with her arguments she uses the rhetorical tools of pathos, ethos, and logos. By Brady using pathos she creates the emotions needed in order persuade the reader whether it be a man or a woman. By using her emotion she touches bases with the reader. Making ideas that are a harsh reality actually thought about and reasoned with. Being that she is a mother as well as wife, she knows the strains society can put on a woman and how hard it is to juggle everything that a wife must get 1 done in order to please her husband. This is where the tool ethos comes into play as she writes, “I belong to that classification of people known as wives. I am A Wife. And, not altogether incidentally, I am a mother" (380). She relies on her own experiences as a wife and mother to gain her audience's trust. Brady shows her arguments by using logos as she gives, probably the most duties of a wife that the reader can even ponder. She is very descriptive and helps produce an exact image in the reader’s mind. And she doesn’t just stop with the household duties. She also writes about the social

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