I Want a Wife

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I Want a Wife In my opinion writers repeat key phrases throughout their writing to get a point across; to show feelings of anger, sadness or happiness. This writing technique is likely to be effective. When you repeat something over and over it is less likely that your audience will forget. Repetitive statements can also let your audience become more familiar with what you are trying to say about your main idea or topic. The tone of Brady’s essay reveals that she is fed up with the dominant attitude of men. She describes all the things that she must do as a wife and how pleasurable it would be if she could have a wife to return all of the same quality deeds that she possesses. Brady shows how selfish and ridiculously self-centered a man can be. She must worry about his physical needs, social life, sexual needs, child care and cleanliness of their home establishment. I believe Brady’s tone and writing style seems perfect for this topic. She is not scared or worried about telling all. She has decided enough is enough. Her repetitive style proves to show how much a man expects from his wife. She describes the man as wanting more and more. Life has changed since the 70’s. Divorce rates became higher in the seventies. There were more single-parent homes. Today women are more successful and independent. Women today have great educations. We also have jobs that a male would normally perform. We are engineers, doctors and policemen. Men and women share equal duties as a couple, and as parents. The roles have changed since the seventies. Women are the breadwinners today while men stay at home and perform daily duties like washing clothes, caring for the children and preparing dinner. This essay proves to be a thing of the past. The needy things Brady talks about are unrealistic and upsetting. Wives are not

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