Argument Essay Abigail Adams

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“Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of husbands. Remember all men would be tyrants if could.” –Abigail Adams In this quote Abigail Adams was stepping up for women to put a stop to their inequality for fairness and equality. She was an advocate for many women who are out there married with no education nor rights. She wanted them to be capable of standing on their own feet without hesitation or discourage towards their husbands. Abigail Adams believed women should be educated and be recognized for their intellectual capabilities, so they could guide and influence the lives of their children and husband instead of being companions. Three reasons why men shouldn’t be given unlimited power are because women and men should have equal powers, education and property rights. Would you want to live a life where the husband treats you as a slave and he’s the master? Or where women are ignored and do not have any property rights? While John Adams was attending the Continental Congress to support American independence, Abigail Adam asked her husband to “remember the ladies” (pg. 363), when establishing for the new nation. Women deserve to have independency. For this to happen some things have to change like; the laws, expectations, and equality. Stereotypically, men are the masters and women are housewives. This is discrimination to the other sex because they basically see them as slaves, but with better treatment. Unlimited power is unacceptable for women because the men take advantage of this power and use it in many ways. For example, wars, ruling, and even in the household to their wives. Education is needed weather you’re a male or female because gender doesn’t play the role in the education life. The brain is what gets you to get through school because that is what helps you think differently and wisely. Education was not given to women because they were
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