Women's role in the New Republic

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The 18th century was an age of change and enlightenment. For America it was the time of social change which ultimately led to American Revolution and establishment of the new democratic country where all people were equal by the law. These changes dramatically affected the role of women from been nurturing parent to also becoming a teacher and companion of the husband. However, the changes that occurred inside the families weren’t reflected into social world where men were still dominating force. Abigail Adams was one of the first women to question male superiority and the importance of laws for women which ultimately led to establishment of Women’s Rights. For women in America life in the early 18th century was associated with domestic activities. They were required to take care of household and raise the children while men were expected to support family with food and other common needs in order to survive. Even women who belonged to the upper class and had maids to help around the house were still expected to stay at home and be by the side of their husbands when necessary. Marriages were usually based on economic partnership and cultural believes. Husbands ruled over their wives and made all of the family decisions. It was almost impossible for women to be involved in public matters. In fact, women had no right at all to participate in activities that weren’t permitted by the husbands and if they were to do so the men were allowed by the law to punish their wives for disobedience. It felt almost like they were imprisoned in the domestic environment by their Masters who were men. However, times were changing and the women’s view of the world was changing as well. Age of Enlightenment brought a new understanding of the world which emphasized the importance of human intellectual abilities over material wealth as key to success. People started to question

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