Social Construction Essay

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Theresa - WST 101 SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION Social construction is the morals and values, beliefs and norms that are made based on the society one lives in. Morals, beliefs and norms shape the way we are such as personality, identity and gender roles. As soon as birth parents try to construct their child into what society finds acceptable, from the way we act, dress and even think. Gender roles are the result of socialization. Society molds us into our specific gender role and everyone tends to not break this. Men and women are often assigned to certain traits that may be limiting to their development. For women its usually that they are taught to be caring, nurturing, polite, attentive. Most of these traits are in preparation for the role of being a wife and a mother. Men are usually taught to be independent, assertive, strong, a leader. Their usually expected to keep emotions aside and to never seem vulnerable when women are the complete opposite. Women are expected to share their feelings to seen weak, but men they must never show that side of weakness. Social construction has a lot to do with our culture. Culture tends to divide sexes, based on our gender we automatically go into a category. The pattern of dividing gender and limit men and women to a certain way of living could be constructing some people into lifestyles they don't really enjoy. Women are expected to have children and raise a family and take care of her husband. What's wrong with a women not wanting to have children and spend her life traveling. There really isn't anything wrong with that but society frowns upon it. Men are supposed to have a stable job to support his whole family, never show that he's scared or upset, that he's "A man's man". What's wrong with a man being a little sensitive, showing his emotions and talking about it. What wrong with him having a stable job but doesn't take
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