Wife of Bath Prologue

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The Wife of Bath’s Prologue Women have played a crucial part in the worlds history, both for better and worse. What these women have in common, is they know what they want, and definitely know how to get it! The Wife of Bath’s Prologue was, without a doubt, my favorite piece to read, she was the strongest of all the ladies that we’ve read about, and that really excites me. I love to hear stories about powerful women and the way they can get what they want. Her story, although we might not know if they’re completely true, tells of a woman who knew how to use her resources to gain the maximum out of her life. The men in her life were, for the most part, submissive, scared, and a little tortured by her. That is no way for a man to act, so to get them so willing, she had to have some power over them. As much as I respect her and really like her abilities, she does have a couple downfalls. She’s pretty disrespectful and with her fifth husband, they only way she got anything was because she hit him. She has a hard time staying focused to what she saying, that gets confusing and hard to follow. Overall, she is my favorite character so far, she is a powerful woman who gets what she wants, she also, like everyone else, has flaws. Wife of Bath was married five times, “As three of hem were goodie, and two were baddie” (203). Even just classifying these men like this is kinda crazy. She launches her argument against those who might claim that a once-widowed woman ought to become a nun. The Wife's argument moves on to be a defense of marriage, period. She insists that though those who choose to marry might not be as spiritually perfect as people who remain chaste all their lives, they are still fulfilling God's commandments. The major feature of marriage, for the Wife, is the marriage debt, or sex, which seems to be why she's so strongly in favor of marriage. Another reason
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